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Originally Posted by SCA
They can, but it is not a wise idea nor will they probably want to assist you since you are purchasing from another dealer. Who cares if you rep gets pissed? He/She is getting paid to do a job that they will be rated on. Sales also has CSI ratings.
Well, color me confused, because now OC says that my car is at the Prep Center (which, as I understand it, is in the US). I don't know how this is possible, given that my car was reported to have completed production on the 22nd, and reached port of exit on the 28th. None of those match the WW schedules... Anyway, I plan to call the 800 # tomorrow to see if they can tell me any more...

EDIT: Is it possible my East coast delivery was sent on Kline, despite the initial post saying I'd be on WW? It would line up with the dates...

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