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Originally Posted by Aussie_E90_SBLACK_325
Congrats your car looks awesome....

By the way for all the Aussies Ive got an update on my car.....

Its going in to BMW tomorrow for the follwing problems.

CD stacker not recognizing cds.

Lurching fix... they told me that the car needs to be updated with software and potentialy new parts..... not happy

Tried to have 5 people in the car on Saturday but couldnt operate the middle seatbelt... was jammed... I finally got the seat belt to release but when it came out to my horror it was torn down the middle for about 10inches from the buckle. What the hell is going on here i wonder.... This should not happen to any seatbelt no matter how much you pull on it. The tear is runs right down the middle of the belt.

The voice input didnt work for a full day...dont know what was was a very hot day but come on that cant be it...It was about 42 degrees that day. After i turned the car on and off about 10 and by that time it was cooler the voice input worked.....

Guys what is going on.... I feel like sending her back to Germany or South Africa... Great performing car but i cant believe these little thing that are going wrong. has this happend to any of you guys.

Jamie get back to me on this. Please
Hey Aussie, sorry to hear that those stereo installers mutilated your car :mad: Hope all will be fixed soon, and look forward to your road trip - read my post on Gorge Rd in the main section - I am going to make sure we do that while you are here!
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