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Originally Posted by blawrecne View Post
CTUNA-- I put the amp on a board and mounted it to the stock amp connection points. The clean sweep is mounted with velcro next to the silver box in the photo above -- basically between rear seats and the small recess in the floor next to the sub. The harness form the speakers connects directly to the cleansweep and the rca cables connect it to the amp. VP electric provided a harness for hooking power up to the cleansweep. Plugged it into the clean sweep and tied power, ground and aux out in into the respective locations in the amp. This involved removing a bit of insulation from the power and ground cables and twising them together with the lines of the harness described above.
We shipped a handful of harnesses where one of the power wires for the CL441dsp was left floating. We had to ask him to repair the harness once we found out about it, or pull it and we would send a replacement - he (quite wisely, I thought) chose to mod the harness. That step is not usually required.
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