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Originally Posted by Bash View Post
So has it solved the timing drops you have had? Still runing same gas?
Unfortunately no, still waiting on my vanos solenoid and hope that fixes it, that's why I haven't updated my thread yet.

What I did find out thought that cylinder 2-5 is always happy and cylinder 6 sometime would have a drop but cylinder 1 always has a drop on every log I have done.

I am still using the same gas, all the other gas gives me worst timing.

I am going to log the sport map and see if it makes any difference. Probably doesn't help that ambient temperature is at 45C (113F).

In regards to the sport map - I had a bit of a drive on the way home and it definitely doesn't have that big of a punch on the mid range as the aggressive maps.

As someone else says on the aggressive map the car goes "ape shit"

Also another question about the 0-100 function, how do people normally launch their AT cars? first gear ? or second gear brake boosting? or just DS and slam it down?

Been playing around with it and it seems the fastest I can do is about 4.7s.