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H660 Rocks!!

Yep - I agree, I only looked into it half way through my install, as I had my mind set on the MS-8. But then looking into it, found kaigoss69's post on his H650. And now with the H660 the volume issue is sorted!!

The thing with my set up is I don't have a centre speaker and the rears are powered from the HU, so the MS-8 built-in amp would go to waste and after hearing the Logic7 in both bimmer and merc last month, I really couldn't tell the difference. So that again would be a waste for me, as I wouldn't make use of that tech. Also it’s tiny compared to some of the other products out there. It also should be able to fit on the telematics control unit Bracket (65159135687) with a little modification (which I will be doing).

It has also been noted that the mic included is super quality, and along with its “IMPRINT technology, also known as Audyssey's MultEQ.” What makes it different from other room correction processer's like DEQX or Tact is “spatial averaging, which is simply measuring different areas of the car/room, and averaging those results together to get a more realistic picture of the room's response rather than at one location.” – Basically another type of witchcraft. And it’s available for $250. Steal of the century in my eyes!

I have since gone about ordering it and will be installing it shortly. I will be posting up a full install of my audio system, which will include pics of this and other kit I installed.