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Originally Posted by RaihaX View Post
Unfortunately no, still waiting on my vanos solenoid and hope that fixes it, that's why I haven't updated my thread yet.

What I did find out thought that cylinder 2-5 is always happy and cylinder 6 sometime would have a drop but cylinder 1 always has a drop on every log I have done.

I am still using the same gas, all the other gas gives me worst timing.

I am going to log the sport map and see if it makes any difference. Probably doesn't help that ambient temperature is at 45C (113F).

In regards to the sport map - I had a bit of a drive on the way home and it definitely doesn't have that big of a punch on the mid range as the aggressive maps.

As someone else says on the aggressive map the car goes "ape shit"

Also another question about the 0-100 function, how do people normally launch their AT cars? first gear ? or second gear brake boosting? or just DS and slam it down?

Been playing around with it and it seems the fastest I can do is about 4.7s.
Im not happy saying it but i told you so, like i said in your other thread after endless people try to troubleshoot, you and i are in the same boat, the 98 octane we are using is shit. I made a thread or posted cant remember that 2-5cyl are always happy, 6 occasional drop and 1 being the worst.
Im just hoping it might be your vanos solenoid, if it fixes yours i will do mine even though not had a code of some sort.

As for the acceleration just as Enrita explained.

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