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Originally Posted by Questforpower View Post
As someone has already once pointed out; this whole kit will cost after all is said and done with suspension upgrade and transmission issues worked out probably upwards of 15-20K with bolt ons and such. At that point assuming you paid for your car 50K; add 15-20K and you have a 1.5 year old GTR... .

The value proposition you are missing is that the n54 platform can be had for between 20-25k now in a clean car used, Even with fairly low miles. Very few people will be putting this kit on a brand new car. You even quoted used prices for the GTR. Imagine that 15k of modifications that you speak of put into a car that cost you 20-25k and you end up with a explosively potent car in the upper echelon of high speed capability for a little more than half the price of the GTR.

Regardless, this is truely the best of times for performance nuts. With so many high quality and technologically advanced platforms out there, and very little in the way of legislation and control placed for emissions, we will have a large selection of used vehicles that are really going to kick some serious ass. Imagine some of the Luxury and exotic cars that will be up for sale in the used market in the next 5 years for stupendous prices?

The truly interesting question is how much these blocks will take when pushed. These are exciting times, and it is great to see HPF at the forefront of pushing the platform. With proper tuning and fueling sorted, I have a feeling it might be suprising.