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ETS 5" FMIC ll Review..w/ IAT's

Ok, as you may have seen in another earlier thread. after cleaning and freshing up my ETS IC.. And performaing a DIY home pressure boost leak test, and everything coming out good, i installed my ETS 5" FMIC today

Install was done on a 2010 E90 LCI 335i N54 M-sport..

The FMIC itself measures in at 20x5.5x5...
ETS has been known for its quality and R&D in there products. So i was happy to go with them from the begining.. And this FMIC shows, welds are nice, comes with a nice fin pack and staggered fin pack which is nice!! They have had a nice track record with there products and there IC's, quality for the N54 was right on par.

I didnt weight the IC myself but i can def say its about 3x heavier then the stock IC..

Taking out the oem FMIC, took me about 15-20 mins..
Removing the big plastic undertray, removing the small palstic cover under the OEM FMIC.

Removing the stock charge up pipe from the FMIC to the DV charge pipe, was a PITA! after you remove the bottom and top clamps, the pipe also has a small C clip that you have to de-attach, you gotta wiggle and play with the pipe from the top until it starts goin down, then pull the pipe from under the car completely out.

Cutting the hot side coupler clamp, i did this with a small grinder, be careful not to mess up your oem hose. Then remove the oem coupler, and of course the FMIC completely out by the single torx screw on each side of it..

Installing the ETS was pretty simple, hardest part was making sure the couplers were evenly slacked on the FMIC and the OEM pipes so you can get a good seal. im super anal.

The ETS FMIC fits pretty much right in place took me 60 seconds to squeeze it into place. nice and snug, no cutting no modifications!!!

Tightened up the clamps as best i could, as i didnt want any leaks and all done!
Routing the up pipe was pretty simple aswell.
The small tabs on the back of the IC are there so the oem fan shroud slides into place on the fmic, one side of the shorud went nicely into place, the other side wasnt perfect, but the FMIC couldnt go up any further so had to leave it as is.

Ok so now for the good stuff, IAT's!!!

Before i installed the ETS FMIC i went out and did a 2nd-4th WOT run, datalogged the IAt's.. And after i did the same with the ETS FMIC.. datalogs below.

My mods.
JB4 Map2
DCI with scoops
CP-E catless DP's
Catless/no resonator catback exhaust
93 octane

Runs were done on the same strech of road, starting at the same IAT, and ending in the start of 4th gear. and within 4-5 ambient degress of eachother. about 2-3 hours within the stock FMIC run and the ETS FMIC run.

Here is this afternoon stock FMIC IAT run..
Ambient temp was 40*F and IAT were at 59*F at the start of the run.

At the start of 4th and were i ended my run, IAT's were at 107*F... 48*F rise.

Here is the ETS FMIC run shortly after. about 30 mins after the install.
Ambient temp was about 37*F and IAT were at 59*F at the start of the run.

At the start of 4th and were i ended my run, IAT's were at 75*F... 16*F rise.

So within my logs, trying to make it as fair as possible and trying to see the difference my self..

Doing Logs on the same day, with same mods, same gas, same area, and within the same ambient temps, and same starting IAT,and doing the same 2nd to 4th gear run, i can say the ETS FMIC is doing its job amazingly!!
At the end of 3rd gear the ETS FMIC is 32*F cooler!!!!!!!

Also i have to say, car feels more alive and low end tq seems snappier and up top def feels great!! Gotta say m butt dyno sorta feels a difference

hope you guys enjoyed..

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