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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
Nice review. This goes to show others that size doesnt matter. The proof is in the core. It's weight shows how dense the core is in comparison to stock and thus performs so much better. A high efficiency core can beat out an oversized weak core.
+1......100% true and its something i see on this forum that is overviewed so many times. Bigger is better type nonsense that i see going around on these forums and others is crazy..
Its damn heavy, bar and plate, and staggered fin packs, Flows great, all a nice mix for a efficent IC.

As this is my first FMIC, i really wanted to see what its all about and see for myself what it does and if it has done anyting for my car. Learning is great.

Originally Posted by RnmEvo9 View Post
Great information, thank you!

Glad i can help man.