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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
OK, so when you bi-amp (which is what you need to do in our set-up) the Front 1 are the front door mids/highs and the Front 2 are the underseats. The lowest possible HPF for the Front 1s is 200Hz. This means you need to "meet" the door mids/highs with a matching 200Hz LPF on the underseats. You cannot play the door speakers lower than 200Hz.
Not sure what you mean Kai by "meet", if you mean the freq gap then yee like I said it should be fine not perfect but fine, i'm more annoyed at the fact the HPF is highest at 5kHz, not even 10kHz. Don't know what that means in real world terms, hope it's sound stays bright.

P.s currently the focals are on 150Hz and underseats 50Hz, dont think 200Hz should introduce a big gap, but who knows, need to hear for myself...