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Originally Posted by flea333 View Post
So did you ask for a lifter replacement or just said there was ticking and they automatically replaced the head for you? Interesting they would do that when first they only replaced the lifters for me, then when I came back they immediately said it was likely the head (obviously the service girl was familiar with the issue).

Also, if that is the real service bulletin then wouldn't they automatically be replacing heads all the time? Where does it tell them how to replace lifters?
I had the lifters replaced first and that did not solve the problem so the head replacement was the second step.

The link below provides the TSB from another member with a good summary. It is for the lifter replacement. There is no TSB for head replacement. The other website made the process rather confusing and they just mixed data together. Ignore it.

Click the link below, it is the best link I found to date with a good summary and the lifter replacement TSB.

This is part of the TSB from the above link:

A cylinder head casting number that does not match will require replacement of the 12 exhaust camshaft hydraulic valve lifters (HVA) as per Repair Instruction RA 11 33 050, Removing and installing/replacing all rocker arms. Only the exhaust camshaft and rocker arms have to be removed in order to replace the hydraulic valve lifters. Do not remove or replace any intake camshaft valve train components.

Part Number

11 33 7 605 330
Hydraulic Valve Lifter (HVA)

Refer to EPC for additional gaskets, seals and bolts, as required by the Repair Instructions.
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