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To all the people who are complaining about traction issues, reliability issues, dropping 15-20k into a bmw, resale value or whatever:

Who cares. It is not your car to worry about or your money. Let the people who want a faster 335 drop money into this kit. I mean I am going to.. I don't see why not. Not planning on selling this car so I don't care about the value of the car going down more than a gt-r or whatever. I mean I am sure we can have a decent amount of power and still be able to have traction or make it work some way. Let everyone do what they want and all will be well!

PS. Questforpower I think the gt-r r35 is not a cooler car I think its ugly. I personally love the r32 and 34. anyway don't want to start any arguments.

Can't wait for the kit!