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Originally Posted by Tierfreund
YouŽve got an xi. Changing (just the rear) diff will mess things up really bad. No matter if you choose shorter or longer, youŽd have to change both diffs (front and rear). Hardly doable.
Doh! You're absolutiely right. I wasn't seriously considering a change for my xi, but I was trying to rationalize any gear change. The power band is so wide, there may not be much gain to change the gearing anyways...for me that is. I guess if 1/4 mile times are what you're after, it makes sense. Who would do that to a E90 though?
Now that I'm starting to get some miles on my xi, I'm getting more and more appreciation for how it is set up right now. Wow.
I'm still breaking in, so I'm not pushing too hard...yet.
Went out last night for some break in miles and found a great road. It's either me or the shifting is getting better.
It just keeps getting better...

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