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Originally Posted by Pavlo View Post
Once I get it I'll let you know, but with our 3-way set-up there is only really one way to do it, which is to bi-amp, mid/tweets on 'front 1' (200Hz max HPF), underseats on 'front 2' (40Hz max LPF). On bi-amp, each channel is still time aligned individually. The 'Rear' even though is 40 Hz to 200 Hz x-over, it is HPF ONLY. So I think there is only one way to go about this.

I'm only installing this to see for myself, at $200 (BNIB), it sounds great. It may not be as "high-end" as the MS-8 or H800 but it's also 4x cheaper. And from what I've seen it's not 4x worse. It will still de-eq, correct, tune and room set-up. I paid $100 for two LOC converters which do nothing other then speaker level converstion, look ugly and waste space in my boot. So I would say that just as a LOC its more than worth it money (Audisons SLI4 which is only a 4 channel LOC is like $150) And the H660 is a 7 channel (inc. sub).

And as I stated before it should fit on the telematics tray (with minor mods, as I will be attempting ).
Do you mean HPF the 'front 2' channels at 40Hxz?