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335d powerloss issues

got a fault with my bmw 335d

long story short there was an intermittant power failure or loss of power from what feltv like the small turbo then after a while power would be regained and driveing as normal

the other day though i had a total loss in power and it just never came back!

after reading through a few posts i came to the conclusion that the vac pipes could be at fault and or the boost solenoids and that the have been superceded by a new part from bmw and that i need these!

iv since changed the vac pipes and still the power is none existant

before i order the new pair of boost solenoids i was just wondering if anyone else had had the same issue and that if fault code

4180 turbine control flap activation

means anything to any of you?

my thinking being that the small sensor under the pair of boost solenoids that the red vacpipe from the small turbo actuator could be at fault or basically is it definitely going to be the pair of boost solenoids at fault?