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Originally Posted by amclint View Post
$30k Z06 OBO, motivated seller could mean 27-28k. $5k will easily get you a used supercharger/headers/tune/CAI for an easy 650whp in a car that's ~3100lbs. Or if you want new go get an A&A for $5-6k, proven 650whp on stock internals.
3-4 GTRs (not the really cheap scam ones, 58-60k for '09 is normal)

I don't know what the point of arguing is, if you actually believe a used C6 with a supercharger for 35k won't demolish any tuned 335 then you're delusional. As mentioned above, the 335 is much better as a DD than any Corvette and is a better all around car IMO but performance per $ it's no contest. It is not typical, but there are LS7 Z06's running in the high 10s at nearly 130mph, STOCK.
i agree with you 100% with the fact that a 335i is a 335i and there is not point in comparing it with cars in super car levels like a GTR or ZO6,

but a ZO6 for under 40k is very difficult to find unless its salvage or rebuilt title. there are good examples in the low 40s.

even though i hate the styling for pure power i gotta say the corvette is unmatched at its price.