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P1554 vs. P1553

here's an interesting issue with regards to P1554 and P1553 codes.

I got the P1554 code two weeks ago -> car was running fine (as mentioned in detail in my post on page 1 of this thread) -> I took out both solenoid valves, cleaned both (intake & exhaust) out with pressured air. --> once I finished cleaning them -> i decided to swap the intake with the exhaust to see if it makes any difference (note, the parts are identical) -> I drove the car for two weeks (aproximately 1000 km, lots of short distance trips in cold weather, 5km from my house to my office, never warmed up the engine enough) with no issues -> it was cold for last four days (minus 30 celsius!) -> I started the car this morning and after a minute of driving it, I got a new code P1553 and the idle is rough with kind of loud ticking noise -> I might be wrong but I think it points to the solenoids again and it makes sense that it would change from P1554 to P1553 since I swapped them -> I am assuming the "now" intake (previously exhaust one) solenoid is simply bad and I need to replace it with a new part ($152 from Calgary BMW, 10 minute job by myself)

Any thoughts on this guys? have anybody tried the same thing?

I'll report back once I get my new part and replace it.


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