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Originally Posted by GRLPWR View Post
I wouldn't know what the car feels like w/o the mods, but I'm satisfied w/the power mine has. I don't have meth - yet - but I do have jb3 (eventually will upgrade to 4), dp, ic, dci, stock exhaust (thinking about dropping the mufflers and running straight pipe) and it sounds/feels good to me. I'd like a little more sound from the exhaust (which is why I might do the above mod), but unplugging the exhaust actuator helps a bit. I'm in Durham but frequent Charlotte often. Not sure when I'll be back, but I can try to contact you when I'm there again. Oh, I don't have the cowl installed (easier to get to ecu) and I can hear a woosh coming from the dci. Not sure if you can hear it from the outside, but it's a great addition to the cabin ambiance.
I'd do DP's and keep the mufflers... I ran res only for a little while and it was ridiculous in my opinion (lots of droning).