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just had a look few a few more post

briers in this link

your saying actuators and pressure converters

just to clear this up and from previous experience and from what i know about turbos:-

an actuator controls the wastegate on a turbo or on a diesel it controlls the VNT's

the pressure converter or solenoid controls air bleed like an amal the linked post i you are talking about the pressure converters and not the actuators

just wanted to ask and make sure we are talking about the same parts as im a bit confused haha

the common fault on the 335d i understand is faulty pressure converters or otherwise known as solenoid valves and these are the parts that on real oem have been superceeded and need to be purchased in a pair with a new mounting bracket in order to cure the problems we have on our vehicles

from what i can gather...the actuators may seize up but i find this unlikely and the problem being more so down to an electrical component break down as opposed to a mechanical part breakdown

with the fault code i am getting...4180 turbine control flap activation i would also say this more so points the finger at the solenoid valves and not the actuators as only electrical faults are generally picked up on a diagnostic machine and not mechanical

iv replaced all the vac pipes...and although they did look a little perished and chaffed there were no slpits or obvious boost/vac leaks but i have now eliminated any chance of this happening anyway!

so briers just to clear this up lol

when you say


Sounds exactly like the actuators

Vac pipes can cause issues and they do fray and split but not intermittently.

Get then replaced and I'm sure it will be back to normal.

do you mean the boost solenoids or the actuators haha???