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Advise please

Firstly hello to everyone, am new on here. At the moment I drive a MKII Audi TT but that is going to a new home next week so have been looking at picking up a 2nd hand oil burner as I travel 120km daily, 6 days a week.
Have narrowed my search down to either 2009 BMW 320D m-sport (black or silver) or 2009 Lexus IS220d.
Lexus is less costly & comes with more toys but appears to suffer from reliability & quality issues. Also some owners have stated mpg returns as low as mid 30\'s!! ( I get that from my petrol TT) so am veering towards the BMW.
I know most on here will be slightly biased but what are your opinions and if I do go for a used 320D what do I need to be watchful for when buying?

Thanks people
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