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Hi All,

Sorry for the bump. Just got back from my BMW St..sorry Dealer after getting the ABS icon, and the 3 yellow lights up on the dash 2 days ago. 3 out of 4 times I turn the car on and drive, I get these lights, but 1 out of 4, I don't. I took it in, and paid 65 for them to tell me that the DCS unit was on its way out, and the whole lot needed replacing for a princely sum of 1995 inc VAT.

As I've only had it from them for 18 months (stupidly didn't extend the warranty....) they are going to speak to BMW and see if they can get some goodwill discount from them, not very hopeful though if I chose not to take the warranty.

Seen a few suggest it isn't actually the DCS and possibly a mis-reading, but now sure how to get another opinion on this?

Any help or advice appreciated, as obviously keen not to spend out 2k. I do know a good private BMW technician, but I thought I'd see what BMW come back with first.

Thanks all!

EDIT: Forgot to say, they did say on a lot of E92s, apparently they can replace part of it for much less, but on mine, it is all in 1 unit hence the full 2k....

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