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Originally Posted by CJ421 View Post
Unless you have an LSD as noted, don't do the rear sway. You will be worse off in turns. The inside wheel gets nearly all of the power in a tight turn because of that open differential; a thicker rear sway will actually lessen the grip and you'll have even less 'push' going through.

FYI rear sway = drop the subframe, which is very expensive. Do it at the same time as LSD + subframe brushings.
Translation: BMW e-diff gonna eat the soles offa yo shoes.

A macabre device programmed for your vexation, rear brake shoes disappear long before fronts, all the while providing inferior performance and feel.

The engineers responsible for that should be outed and forced to view every minute of every Oprah every day.

Take the cure! Wavetrac or Quaife for street duty, and you may thank GOD for that!

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