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Originally Posted by flea333 View Post
So more in the saga of this ticking sound...

Just got my car back today after replacement of the cylinder head! I start my car and it makes this huge thud when the engine starts and shakes the car. I thought, oh great....
I open the hood to hear an even louder engine. I did notice a new block in there. So now I get a rough start and the engine is just louder in general and still makes some sort of ticking sound. WTF??
That seems to be more or less "normal" tick that you get from the engine. It sounds like what mine sounds like after the repair and the ticking sound is coming from the front and is much softer than the abnormal lifter tick found towards the rear left part of the engine.

Here's a video with what my engine used to sound like (not my video but a video I found that convinced me I had problems with my Z4) This is the true lifter tick sound.

Anyway, my repair experience with BMW of Rochester (Rochester, NY) was A1!!! My SA was Steve Barnard. I just called up and let him know that I purchased the Z4 from them, it had the ticking and brought it in the same day. I didn't get any hassle about trying to produce a video showing that the tick had occurred with my car. Two days later, I get a call back saying the car was ready. Amazing! Here's the receipt:

I've been reading horror stories on these sites about poor BMW customer service. I'm sure there are more people having success stories but they don't jump on a website to share them. Anyway, here's my success story and hopefully this has fixed the problem. When this car is paid off, the next one will also be a bimmer. Thanks BMW! I was close to losing faith in you guys.