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Originally Posted by AlanAZ View Post
Thank you Eninty, I will be doing later today, the psi info was important, I was concerned about over doing it with the air, but at 90, that won't be an issue.
Look to the DIY for guidance. Make sure you don't drop the little mounting bolts into the cam chain cover, that would be really bad.

When you remove the solenoids, remove the mounting bolt completely from the mounting hole and put it on the work bench or tool box, just get it out of the engine bay before you pull the unit out of the head.

Take the top one out first and plug the hole with a shop rag. Then take the bottom one out and plug the hole with a rag. Clean both solenoids. Keep track of which one came from the top and bottom so you can switch them.

When replacing, pull the rag from the lower one first and replace the solenoid. Then pull the rag and replace the top unit. THEN bring both the mounting bolts back over to the engine and re-install the bolts.