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Originally Posted by queensfield View Post
I am helping a friend with this one- neither one of us have a garage, so we are attempting to tackle solenoids under a carport. I did exactly what ENINTY stated- used rags to cover the ports and did them in sequence starting with the upper one- minimizes chances of anything accidently dropping in the engine. I have cleaned and switched the solenoids but the vanos-related code and rough idle isn't going away. Perhaps, it is time to get a new set? Do the new ones come with new o-rings?
So if one of the solenoids is bad, and you swapped them, the fault code should switch to the other cam. So if the fault code was on orginially on the exhaust side, it now should be on the intake side. Can't say about the o-rings. Just oder them when you get the parts to be sure.