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I'm glad everyone feels warm about his designs but I think in the grand scheme of BMW history, Bangle's stuff and even his protege's stuff is not attractive and I don't think it will survive the test of time the way the 3.0CSL or some the beautiful designs will. Yes, I give him credit for being adventurous and bold. My hat off for that but the stuff is not congruent and does not have timeless beauty but only time will tell. His legacy is the new 1 series and that is plain ugly. Even the M5, while fixing some of the previous funkiness is not aesthetically pleasing to me. Despite this, I still would get one if I could because performance is like "beer goggles" me. If a car is ugly but has awesome performance it raises the attractivenes quotient for me. Good luck Mr. Bangle, I wish you true happiness on your new endeavour but I am glad you are gone from BMW and can't wait for your influence to dissipate.