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Originally Posted by mrj25 View Post
did you by any chance cut someone off or raced a douche bag and spanked him? it could be a sore loser, an ex gf or just a hater in the neighborhood. sorry that happened to you man...
no bro, i don't like racing because its only a 325 so I can't back up speed ha

Originally Posted by merchomini View Post
id start shooting everyone....... and never park it outside again..

yea, never doing that again. I'll be parking inside garage from now on. crazy thing is I've always parked on driveway for 4 years and nothing until now

do you have enemies....or a crazy ex gf?
no bro I only talk to very few people from my town but one of my friends told me that a couple of high school kids hate on my ride saying "he's trying to much to make it like an M3", which i definitely have not and does not look one bit like an M3!!

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I hate people! im so sorry dude. i hope i dont ever have to endure that.....
yea it feels so shitty and i would hope no other bmw owner would have to go through this but thanks for the support guys!!