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Need Help. E92 vs E93 Alignment Specs

**This is also cross posted in Wheels and Tires, but probably belongs here instead. If an admin would kill the other post, I would appreciate it.**

So here is the situation. The left rear tire on my 335 blew yesterday on the highway. I limped it to the closest NTB shop and when we got there and inspected the tires, discovered this:

The right is almost as badly worn, down to the steel.

The tires have 4000 miles on them.

They were installed with an alignment in September.

The alignment sheet given at the time of the install shows everything to be in spec, EXCEPT: the type of car listed is an E93, NOT an E92.

So my question is this: Is there enough substantive difference in the alignment specs of an E93 that if they are applied in error to an E92 it would cause this sort of wear in 4000 miles?

The other possible culprit here is that the car was backed into by a Chevy HD2500 King Cab with a lift kit pickup truck about a month ago. The damage to the car is fairly extensive for a low speed parking lot mishap. Trunk lid is buckled, bumper cover is shredded, right rear taillight is smashed.

When I moved the car after the accident, I also noticed that the car was up on the parking curb and scraped when I backed off. I know for a fact i was not on the curb when I parked (I'm anal about not dragging the nose on anything) so I suspect the truck may have pushed the car a foot or more when it hit.

If the e-brake was on, could the truck have damaged the rear suspension enough to cause this type of wear?

I'm trying to get a feel for where this tire wear came from, so I can be sure not absolve the tire shop of responsibility before I take the car to BMW to have the it evaluated and add the suspension repairs and tire replacement added to the insurance claim.

Any insight the technical tire and suspension experts can offer would be greatly appreciated.


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