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I beautiful 335xi M-sport coupe with all the desirables (Red leather, 6mt, aluminum trim, nav) caught my eye the other day at their CPO center on Northern between Bell and Springfield. I immediately parked my car and went inside to take a look. When I walked and took a closer look at the car, I was immediately disappointed - the fitments of both bumpers were REALLY off, like the car had been in an accident, the BMW roundel on the steering wheel was effing seriously dented, and the grill looked quite crooked. In addition, not a single salesperson even gave me a second of their time to potentially make a sale. There was also a used 6/m6 next to it which had a hood that couldn't close completely on display. Seriously, what kind of POS dealership is this? If you aren't going to at least give me some attention, at least make sure the cars you are trying to pawn off as "like-new" are actually "like-new."

Pathetic excuse of a dealership. At least the LI/NJ dealerships treat their used/CPO's well and don't present them as complete, dilapated pieces of junk.