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Originally Posted by 60av8tor View Post
Thanks for providing your SA info on here. I'm one that has had a crappy experience. Several videos provided, but SA will do nothing without duplication. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, mine is extremely loud. What frustrated me was him saying BMW NA will not allow them to do anything without duplication, but I read about several people receiving service based on video. Was yours ticking constantly or intermitently? I kind of understand them having to duplicate it, but IMO it is VERY obvious from the video that it is the lifter tick.

BTW - Flea, your video sounds normal to me. Mine sounded (actually louder) just like the one Aries posted
That sucks that your BMW dealership won't fix it without replication. The ticking on mine was intermittent. I don't even think it was ticking the day I brought it in. I'm not sure. I didn't lift up the hood and I turned on the music as soon as I got in the car.

The next step for you is to call BMW NA. I'm not sure if they have to replicate the noise. Are there other BMW dealers in your area? I don't know how much this helped, but I joined the BMWCCA and another member on here who tracks his car and is a member of the BMWCCA actually gave me the name of the SA and tech who did work on his car. Maybe if you joined the BMWCCA, jumped on their local club website and got a name of an SA it would help.

I just called up the dealership, was very cordial and asked for the SA. I told the SA that so and so gave me his name and that he might be able to help me out with my problem. I then described the problem to him. He was really cool about it.

If you approach some of these guys angrily and expect results quick (I'm not implying that you may have) they can dig in their heels. That's just human nature. I do that sometimes at work with these pain med seekers who come out and start yelling for pain meds and telling me they need dilauded 3mg IV an hour. Ain't happening. Tylenol for you, buddy...

Anyway, good luck getting it fixed. Let us know what happens - good or bad. These guys need to be held accountable for the design flaw.