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Originally Posted by SmoothStyle1 View Post
I took my 335i to get some routine work done at the BMW dealer yesterday and while the car was there they stated they would replace my HPFP (which I never had a problem with) due to the factory recall. They claim that the HPFP has a brand new design and that they have not seen any failures with the new design.

They also claimed that the flaw with the original HPFP was due to the fact that it was designed for diesel fuel from Europe and wasn't designed to handle gasoline with ethonol (which most U.S. gas has).

I never had any issues with the HPFP in the first place so I'm simply relaying the info regarding the "new" design which is supposedly made for gasoline engines and is supposed to solve the previous problems.
I've been holding off purchasing a 335 for this very reason. I would like more info if you have it.