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Originally Posted by karlw View Post

I have had the dreaded red light symbol appear and my 2005 E91 330D, locking the wheel and refusing to start, the car has now been recovered to my home.

Quick question, I am considering buying a used column given these are available for 50-100.
Assuming I go for a newer column to avoid repeat of the issue, does anyone have the part code and can confirm no compatibility problems.
I would be even tempted to just remove the electronic lock and swap if they are compatible.


Well as far as I can tell, the newer columns are just missing the mechanism entirely, so replacing your column with a newer one is similar to just unplugging your mechanism (given the lock is permanently open or removed). My car didn't like me unplugging the lock and wouldn't start unless it was connected. If my car worked with the lock unplugged, I would have posted a more "permanent" solution

Originally Posted by bchuong58 View Post
The Hall sensor is sensing the magnet embedded inside the locking shaft in the form of the magnetic field, not a simple low or high signal, the output from the Hall sensor is in serial coding format. The relay can't simulate it easily.
Update my status, My steering lock works great after the cleaning and re-lubed as of today 11 months even thought I had not cleared the Yellow steering lock Icon.
Good deal, essentially the same thing for me. I feel that it was worse the colder it was last year, and now that it's gotten cold again mine still works perfectly.

I don't think the yellow symbol needs clearing. Maybe the red one (which I never got), but that should be relatively simple with INPA.