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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
The DEI BMW interface set IS the Fortin interface set with DEI serial-data support. I personally would get the Clifford 5902 since I think it's the best-looking remote, and then I would get the SmartStart smartphone module for it.
Ohh.. I didn't know that..

So for clarification sake:

Xpresskit DLPK = rebadged Fortin EVO-CAN
Xpresskit KIBMW = rebadged Fortin INT-BMW2


The KIBMW installation guide only notes that it is compatible up to 2010. I want to confirm BMW didn't change anything for 2011. I got burned buying a DEI 556HW not knowing that my year S2000 was not compatible with the module because Honda changed the immobilizer system in 2008.

I also have an extra DEI 530t, but I want to make sure there haven't been reported issues using this with a BMW. I wouldn't mind controlling the window roll down from the OEM keyfob since I have to carry it anyway. I would use the 530t to control window roll up.

I would also look into purchasing a 529t for the sunroof, barring no known issues.
Would I also be able to use something like the 529t to control the side mirrors from an aux channel?

I also haven't seen anywhere that someone was able to wire up the light in the rearview mirror to go with a DEI alarm. Is this possible?

I'm either looking into the Viper 5902 or the Clifford 590.2x. If I were to purchase one of these, would I be able to use the same remote to control the 5901 I have in my S2000?

I apologize for all the questions, but thank you for the help.
- Mark