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In the end it's going to come down to using those guides with whatever knowledge you (or maybe someone else, like an engineer) has, and a heck of a lot of testing.

You need the proper tools, like a pyrometer, camber/castor guage, and some form of data acquisition to be able to document how the changes are affecting the car. I wouldn't expect you to get it "dialed in" your first time out, and probably not even by the tenth time out. There is so much you can fiddle with (provided you have the parts), you'll think you have it right, and then you take the car to a different track and it's not handling quite the same.

it's going to be a long and tedious process! And the reality is most of us don't know enough, and don't have the time/resources to really tune the suspension like race teams do. But - you can find something that works pretty decent after a couple of track days, and then just work on your driving skills, making small adjustments here and there based on the current conditions (weather, temperature, track surface, etc).