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Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
2 scoops protein
table spoon of PB

There you go there is your gainer shake right there.

Have a meal about an hour before you hit the gym and a simple shake right before you walk out the door. Why? The nutrients from that meal and shake will be broken down and used to replenish your muscles RIGHT after your workout. The notion that your POST workout meal and shake are most important is a myth, since the nutrients indested from the POST meals won't be digested and absorbed for well over an hour.

And don't skip on the yolk, some of the most important nutrients are located in the egg yolk.

Post workout
2x scoops of protein mixed with some simple carbs (anything with decent amount of sugar) you can throw in the BCAA's too
shower relax
now have your meal

By real food will make your grow, don't fall into the notion that supplements is the way to go. Make sure to eat plenty of real food.
Very good advice right here!

OP: For us skinny tall guys which it's insanely hard to gain mass. Eating right/healthy and taking in the correct amount of protein/calories/carbs is the biggest battle we have.

I personally take 'Dark Matter' as my post workout shake immediately as I leave the gym and I also take 'CytoGainer" as my weight gainer shake in the morning, afternoon and right before bed. Why before bed? Because as you sleep your body consumes protein and the more protein intake you'll have, the better the result you'll get. If you get a 'Casein' protein it'll be an extra because Casein protein is a slow digesting protein and would be best to take before bed.

I personally like to stay away from Creatine because it gives you water weight which I personally do not want... Another thing you may want to do for the 'belly fat' is switch up the ab work outs, surprise your body. Don't do the same ab work outs everyday. Alsom don't forget to give your body some rest, don't over do it and tire your body out.

I'm still learning as I go but from this I went from 170 to 188 at my peak. I'm 6'2" and had a pretty decent stomach. We all have our own view/opinions on our bodies and will all see differently but in the end, we're all looking to fix our appearance,build!

Good luck!

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