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Relaxed is not the word. I am that. Just had to give him something back for what he said about me. There is no research for the question I asked him. The question was again as I PMīd him " Do these wheels and tires rub on the inside wheel wells, meaning the inner body? Very easy question to ask that he didn't want to. Again I don't recommend buying a $4000 set of HRE wheels off someone who doesn't want to answer me. I have a set of HRE C95 wheels for my Supra that I bought from a reputable company in Texas, and they had no problem assuring me about them. Pakman, There is no answer to, Do HRE Wheels rub on a 3 series wagon under the Search button! You are clearly a friend of the OP for protecting him. Good to have friends I see. PM was the way I tried to contact him as you can see by my 2nd post.