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Originally Posted by 335isWhite View Post
I was looking at for hand wash technique which is called waterless or dry wash.

I always take my car to Exxon Laser Wash (it is a touchless car wash). and afterward I dry rocker panels, bumpers and water spots with a microfiber towel, soft touch to avoid swirl marks. but recently I\'ve noticed that touchless carwash cannot remove all dirts. And since handwash is not possible in our apartment community, I want to learn about dry wash technique.

is there anyone with dry wash experience and how\'s the result on your car?
Your technique is scratching with every pass of the drying cloth. Everyones "fine" or "works well" is different. Your car is white so you won't notice the swirls/scratches much but it is virtually impossible to wash a car safely without water. Where does the grime go? It has to be picked up off of the car. With dry wash it is loosened and then dragged along the car until the mitt is lifted, leaving scratches. Lots of guys love it but you won't find any reputable detailers using drywash technique. Depends on your definition of "fine".