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Originally Posted by 335dwagon View Post
For a set of HRE wheels I am asking too many questions?? Spamming you with questions isn't the problem. It is answering when you clearly have a set of wheels with too much offset. Everybody be aware don't ask this guy more then 2 questions about his $4000 set of wheels!! Might want to ad this to your original post.[/size]

lol are you serious. I actually took the time to reply to your questions. If your going to reply to THAT PM with MORE questions, then yes I am going to ignore you. If you don't know how to run aggressive wheels, why look at this thread. Obviously, your going to have to roll your rear fenders, and questions like did I get the wheels to match my speedo? Who asks that.

Anyways. maybe you should invest in something a little less if your so cautious about damaging due to aggressive fitment.

You should look at my previous threads with people asking me things not even related to the sale of whatever the said item may be. I still reply to them & try to help out whatever way I can.