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Originally Posted by Mi330xi View Post
nice! and hi Tim, is this event also going to be a charitable event as in the past, I assume Make A Wish Foundation again? And is there another raffle in the works?

Seth has already been in touch about the getting logo and the like put together again this year. Give me a shout (either of you) if you got any ideas for me!!! Since it is once again called Timmayfest and I thought last year was the end of that haha.
Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
Tim is workin on getting a photo for you to start with.

I fwd'd him your email so you guys can get in touch and not NEED to go between me (though I'd still love to help).
We may be donating to The Wounded Warrior Project this year. The wife is looking into it this week. We have been in contact with some wounded ex military folks who will be in attendance who are enthusiasts like us!

I am working on getting some rough work put together for the shirt. I REALLY appreciate everything you and Seth have done to help out. The shirts would not happen without you guys! Thank you! I have some ideas, but have absolutely NO skills for this type of thing. Thoughts in doing a "sketch" outline of the cars this year for the picture? Something like this:

I have the cars picked out, just need to get the owners to send me the correct angle to transfer over to the sketch......

Well, I WANTED to change the name. We kicked around quite a few ideas, but everything was either to hokey or too "serious" for the overall tone of the meet. I guess Timmayfest it is. Again.
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