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yes thats definitely me. E90 sedan and live right in the area.

Originally Posted by psmitty95 View Post
Hahahah i'm hoping i can come too but as i said unfortunately it might not be until later... When i get my 335 in the next month or two i'll most likely be doing this place and i think occasional get togethers there would be awesome. I'll know probably later in the week what time i'll be heading out and if it's at 9 i'll let you know otherwise i'll give him a call. Place sounds great though and i can't wait to try it out

Edit: I keep forgetting to ask this but your car is an e90 right? If so i think i've passed you a few times. The other day i was driving around with my brother and we saw a jet black e90 pass by on Glenville Rd. and he was saying how sick the car looked and how it was probably really quick too. I could tell it was modded so is that by any chance yours? If so, it looks great. I can't remember for sure but i think it had slightly tinted tail lights right?