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Originally Posted by PAKMAN View Post
Are you serious?
DO YOUR RESEARCH seriously, maybe that should have been your new years resolution.

here i did the research for you. ( this guy is running 19x9.5 et33 and 19x11 et33. the OP is selling more -offset which means it will poke out more not causing it to rub in the side fender well. do you get it? if not you should not inquire these wheels or any wheels and just stay with your stock wheels so you dont have to worry about rubbing.
people who are lowered, run more + offset have no seen rubbing in the "inside wheel well" area.
But you will rub on the fender, also why the OP is saying you have to roll your fenders. man someone with "HREs" on his supra should know how to do some research on their own.
also use google (
thank you Pakman. two thumbs up.
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