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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Funny that you say that Old Army. The rebuttal from your beloved GOP was from none other than Mitch Daniels. You remember him, under his leadership as head of The Office of Management and Budget, the federal budget went from a $236 Billion surplus to a $400 Billion deficit in just 2 years.

He's also the genius that said the Iraq war would only cost us $60 Billion.

The GOP may not dig the policies of the Dems, and particularly they do NOT like President Obama's policies and ideas. But at least you guys could put forward some candidates or politicians that aren't abject failures with your policies.
GOP is in disarray... it is not a mystery. Far too many old men hanging on to their seats with completely backward and outdated beliefs. The world is advancing at a rate beyond what politicians are capable of keeping up with.

In all honesty, the Dems are pretty split in their opinions as well. It is becoming more and more apparent that the likely hood of our country finding a president that represents the future of this nation may never happen. Very sad...

I don't have favorable opinions of any of the Republican Party's candidates. I also don't have a favorable opinion of Obama. What I like the least is the common democrat voter's need to support our president blindly. I also don't like the common republican voter's need to bash our president ignorantly.

We should hold our politicians to a higher standard. We should hold our president to a higher standard.