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(Battery Discharge) if the car sits for 2 days or longer????

I have a 2008 BMW 335xi 2dr, fully loaded. I noticed if the car sits for 2-3 days the battery gets low some how? The car will still start with no problems but I keep having to reset the date and time, and the "!" indicator shows up and on the more detailed side the service options in the navi screen says a generic mesage something like "batter discharge, something is draining the battery when it's off?"

I called a few BMW dealerships, one dude said change the battery, another dude said get a bettery tender? and this is so common, because the car has so may electricals in it the battery is usually never off 100%?

Is this true? Do I need a new bettery? Or did bmw do this to where I am forced to drive my car all the time! LOL

Anyone have any input?
2008 335xi 2 door 6 speed manual!!!!