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Originally Posted by 335iSSA View Post
Unfortunately yes. I've noticed the problem is worse when it's cold out. I have a 2007 E92, no engine mods, had the HPFP replaced a 6 weeks ago, have almost 10K on the current plugs. It is disconcerting when it really jumps isn't it. This is a weekend car so I don't put a lot of miles on it. I noticed a ticking noise from the engine bay just in front of the driver, perhaps it's a throttle body issue? Dirty or faulty all together?
I had the same issue it was a bad injector but could be number of problems. If the Engine light is on see what code you getting. It will tell you which cylinder is misfiring. A generic ODB II scanner will do. Once you find which cylinder, then do the follwing:

Swap the plugs with another cylinder and the coils with a different. Then see if the problem migrates if it doesn't then it's your injector. If it does then you either know if its a plug or a coil.

Thats it.
Mine was a bad injector. There is a recall on the injectors, don't know how public it is but I had 3 replaced. I say if you are under warranty go to the dealer and replace all of them if they can.

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