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Originally Posted by GenePoole View Post
CCC Navigation DVDs (East and West)!

I just got mine in the mail from BMW today. As soon as I rip them and verify that they burn OK and work in my car, I'll get the torrents up.

It's been awhile since I did any torrents (last year for the 2011.1 Nav disks IIRC) so anyone got some tips on how to get this going as soon as possible?


I ripped both with linux, burned one Memorex DVD+R with built-in DVD burner on my Windows7 laptop and ImgBurn (4x) and burned the other on a TDK DVD-R using an LG Blu-Ray Burner with linux and cdrecord (4x). Both disks worked fine in my 2006 330i CCC Navigation Professional.

I created two torrents; one for Region 1 (East) and one for Region 2 (West). See photo if you don't know what region you need. It'll take a good long while (I'm guessing 48 hrs or so) to get both seeded and going on my slow-ass country bumpkin DSL.

Hopefully I got the torrents right. Let me know if they are working.

Here are links to the torrents:

Keep the seeding going.

Thanks for the upload!!!
work perfectly with Imgburn 6X (my computer only allow 6x the slowest)