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Post Review - Vanguard V2 Cat-Back Exhaust (Videos Inside)

**** The only experience I've had with Vanguard is also with catless downpipes. My opinion of Vanguard is only my opinion of Vanguard paired with catless downpipes. I have never heard Vanguard with stock downpipes. ****

Install: Easy. This exhaust lines up perfectly with no issues. Install time will depend on how fast you can bolt and unbolt things. Hardest part is getting the stock exhaust off the exhaust hangars, really wasn't all that hard but I almost ripped through one of them from pulling so hard. No big deal that it ripped a little, it still works just fine.

Pros: The welds are really nice. I wouldn't say the exhaust is "light weight" but it's probably still lighter than the stock exhaust. The sound is nice, it's deep and semi-loud, although not as loud as I expected it to be. Many people on the forum say it's very loud, but honestly if you guys think this is loud, you should just stick with stock exhausts on every car you own. It sounds best while just cruising, or while revving in neutral.

Cons: The tips are designed in an interesting fashion, to say the least. I took the tips off yesterday to clean them, and I found that a LOT of water came out of them. The water wasn't just superficially on the tip, it was literally inside. Apparently, there is space in between the tips for water to collect. I picked them up, and they started leaking everywhere. Probably about half a cups worth of water in each tip. I've never had aftermarket exhaust tips before, so I can't say if this problem only happens with Vanguard tips or not. It really isn't a con, just something weird that I've never seen before.

A real con to this exhaust is the rasp in between shifts during full throttle. I believe it's just because I have catless downpipes? No where on this forum have I read anything but positive reviews about Vanguard, so here I am to say that it really doesn't sound that special. It's nice most of the time, but the rasp kills it a bit for me. It sounds good for the most part, but when you're really on the gas pedal, in between shifts it sounds raspy.

Another HUGE con was that I was sent two passenger side mufflers, rather than one passenger side and one driver side. The vendor claims it's Vanguard's fault, but the package was sent from the vendor, not Vanguard. I'm not really sure whose fault it is, doesn't matter to me. I was quite disappointed that the vendor absolutely refused to overnight me the correct muffler because it would cost them too much, aka their profit wouldn't be good enough. I wouldn't have minded regular shipping if I hadn't just installed the midpipes, axle back, and one muffler before I realized they sent me two of the same muffler. The muffler boxes even said "Box A" and "Box B", but they were the same muffler. Since I didn't have the time to go back and uninstall everything I had just installed, I had the huge misfortune of driving my car around for one week with only one muffler. It sounded quite horrible to say the least, like a mix between a very annoying Civic and a Harley. I don't suggest anyone drive with one muffler unless you really have to, and I would hope that any other vendor would remedy their mistake and overnight a person in my position the part that they need. **end rant**

In conclusion, I don't think I would buy this exhaust again if given the opportunity. I don't dislike it enough that I would sell it *actually I sold it*, but I still wouldn't buy it again. It sounds pretty good most of the time, decently loud and throaty (not as loud as everyone says), but the rasp during wide open throttle at the top of each gear is just stupid annoying. I should have just got down pipes and a muffler delete.

Edit: Update after a few weeks of owning the exhaust.
It grew on me a lot. I like it, and get a lot of complements on it. It's still raspy at the top of the RPM band, and that still bothers me. Personally, the rasp is a deal breaker for me, but that's just because I hate rasp with a burning passion.

Edit: Videos added. I think it sounds better in the videos than it does in person lmao.

Edit: I sold this exhaust a long time ago. Rasp is not for me.


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