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Originally Posted by Volasko View Post
This is what I was told regarding octane and the AA tune from the authorized shop that did my install:

The stock motor has the ability to run low octane fuel (91 or lower) and still get around. The engine software could adjust the ignition parameters to make it "work" and not leave you stranded on the side of the road. Ultimately you would get the best performance with 91 but you still had the peace of mind knowing that 87 would get you around if you couldn't find 91. The AA tune now requires the 91 octane as a minimum with a slight benefit with 94 octane (1/2 hp at most!). It optimizes the ignition parameters to maximize power with the better fuel. You lose the ability to run crap fuel in your car but gain a bit of power. Just my 2 cents.

Aside: What are you doing cheaping out putting 87 in your car!?!?! The owners manual clearly states 91 octane. And you shouldn't be complaining about fuel prices! Canadians pay $5.30 /gal for premium! I bet the shiet fuel has to do with your poor fuel economy. I get a solid 25 mpg (calculated, not assuming the computer is correct!) with a mix of 50/50 hwy and city driving and that's not exactly granny driving.
so aside of this he said she said bs who know the truth u say one thing i say another so who knows. And do u have headers? Have u done the off road tune or this new AA tune? Ive done the math and driving non granny style i get 11 mpg so i really have a hard time thinking raising my oct 5 points is gonna give me 10 more miles per gallon! ive ran 87 oct befor this mod and still avg 18-19 mpg that was with the AA tune! So i just put a full tank of 93oct today and guess what avg 16.6mpg! lol not useing the cars mpg reader thing this is doing the math after filling up again!

so since i see no imporvment in mpg i dont see the need to spend 40 cents more per gallon when i get the same millage eather way. its not about being cheap but if i get the same millage from 87 oct and 93 oct kinda makes me think its not fule. thats why im leanin to something else might be wrong witch is what im dealing with now.

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