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Cracked tyres?

Hi Guys,

After a bit of advice please.

I have the 19" 225 rims on my 335d with the standard Bridgestone RFT's.

One of the rears has lost pressure twice in two months, from 2.8 bar to 2.3 before i get the pressure loss warning. I've not driven more than a few miles before i have filled up with air to the correct pressure.

I had the wheel checked again this morning for cracks and nothing, they did notice a few air bubbles when they did the water test - these were coming from the back of the rim where the tyre meets the rim. I was told they would remove and re-fit the tyre with some special bonding agent to seal up any imperfections.

When the tyre came off they noticed a ring around the tyre wall on the inside, only visible with the rim off, with nothing on the outside wall - this ring which they described as a crack was again on the back of tyre not the front facing wall. I'm told this is because the tyre has been run on low pressure and been damaged. I then got them to check the other wheel and exact same thing - looking at a bill of 700 for both rears now, 280 ex vat and plus fitting costs.

Can anyone confirm if this inner wall ring/crack type appearance is a characteristic of the tyre or do they need replacing - i still have 5mm left and bit gutted they need to be changed.

Appreciate my description is a bit poor, i have a few pics if anyone can tell me how to upload.