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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
I imagine they are in need of replacement, if one had got so bad the air is leaking out and the tyre is showing fatigue damage. If it is a crack, it is definitely shot, no question about it.

To be honest I'm not surprised that someone has found this issue. When we see some of the rear inner wear pictures, it does indicate much more load is taken on the inner wall. Lower pressure will certainly make it worse, as it is like running partially flat, and using up the 'run on flat' properties.

BTW, is the inner edge showing the signs of inner wear, even if still OK at the moment?

Hi Pete,

The inner rears are showing signs of wear, not very much I might add, just a characteristic of the camber setup i thought.

Very disappointing to say the least, in my ownership I've always ran the correct pressure at 2.8 bar. I guess if the inner walls are compromised then i have no choice but to replace them.

Know of any places I can get the tyres in cheap, anyone? Will remain on Bridgestone rft.


Edit: to add, I would not describe the 'ring' as a crack and the air is not seeping through this. It's merely a ring that suggests the inner wall has been taking increased load causing it to flex and indentation type marking to appear.