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Originally Posted by cn555ic
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What would you say is the best solution to getting rid of this rasp on my Vanguard set up? I know that you know what you're talking about, I've been following a lot of your posts over the years. Should I get a welder to get rid of the H pipe and weld in an X pipe in the same place? If not, what should I do? Thanks in advance.
Get rid of the H-pipe and replace it would with x-pipe...Exhaust sound waves are changed by using an x-pipe which bounces the exhaust gases against each other as it flows through and cancels out some of the frequency that causes rasp...While the resonators alone do a great job at getting rid of rasp, its not enough to totally get rid of it, but with an x-pipe it will! H-pipe basically IMO is for tuning the exhaust note making it sound deeper and throatier...I would weld it in before the resonators, but in your case you have no choice but after, since the resonators are right at the DP connection. It definitely should still work the same...

This is something you need to address as its not going to get better once exhaust breaks in. Rasp is rasp and it drove me nuts like you that I had to either get rid of it or change back to stock. THERE IS NO GETTING use to! Right now I have ZERO rasp regardless of WOT, gearing, partial throttle...Drone is also very very minimal.
Awesome, thanks man. So get rid of the H pipe, weld the holes up, and weld in an X pipe as close to the downpipes as I can?

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